• Livestream Shows

    The Invisible Man's live shows are indefinately on hold. The team is now focussing on short film projects as well as writing music and live music productions. While the live stream shows are no longer being produced, one or all of them may return in the near future. Never say never!
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    The Shows. Independent Music is Key!

    The Invisible Man started in 2018 as a once a month pre-recorded video blog by Mark David Stallard and Ryan Janz members of the Winnipeg band It’s All In The Mind. Initially the show aired once a month and dealt with their own experiences in the Winnipeg Music scene. However, as the year drew to a close, Mark and Ryan thought it would add some energy to the show to do the show live and to invite guests on.


    As 2019 got underway, they started doing shows twice a month and soon their guests were coming from all over North America and UK. In March 2020, the show started airing every Saturday, just a few weeks before the start of the COVID pandemic lockdown.


    In the summer of 2020, Mark approached Angela R. Campbell to do a show together. Mark had previously worked closely with Angela on Cannabis Castle, a web-based reality show. Mark was the director and editor of the show, while Angela was camera operator and interviewer. She had, and continues to, produce some very high quality videos featuring independent Canadian bands on her website Ohjusteatit.ca. After a chat over a glass of wine and some chicken wings, The Invisible Song Club was born.


    After the second episode of song club aired, Adam Feasey contacted Mark about collaborating on another show which would focus on British Rock. Adam had been the featured guest on The Invisible Man Show a few months earlier which became their most viewed show in 2020. Adam was being encouraged by family and friends to do a similar show himself. Adam thought it would be silly to re-invent the wheel, and so he reached out to Mark. Mark loved the idea!


    And so Welcome To The Madhouse magically appeared.


    But with such dedicated, engergetic, music-loving, hosts, it's only going to keep on getting better.



  • The Hosts

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    Mark David Stallard

    He uses his middle name even though he doesn't have to.

    Mark David Stallard is the lead singer and main songwriter for It’s All In The Mind. Mark also performs as a solo artist as well as being an accomplished harpist (blues harmonica). Mark has been writing songs since the early 1980s, when he performed in pubs and clubs along the south coast of England. Mark’s songs have been licensed to Shaw Television Ltd.

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    Ryan Janz

    His middle name is also David, but he doesn't use it even though he should.

    Ryan Janz is bassman for It’s All In The Mind. Ryan can boast being bassman extraordinaire who writes melodic bass lines that saunter, rather than walk. But Ryan is more than just an inventive bassist. He is also co-writer on many of It's All In The Mind's songs, including their first single "I'm Alive." Ryan has worked with many Winnipeg artists and bands, both on stage and in the studio.

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    Angela R. Campbell

    Don't forget the "R". She's not just any Angela Campbell, you know.

    Angela R. Campbell has hosted a website "Oh Just Eat It! - Hungry for Canadian Indie Music" since 2011. Angela is a music fan who started to realize that the music scene in Canada is rich and fascinating and has been making it her mission to sharing her findings, with the world.

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    Adam Feasey

    He puts the "Adam" into the The Hellcats

    Adam Feasey is a seasoned musician, singer, songwriter. He has performed all over the UK. And of course he is the front man of Adam and The Hellcats.

  • The Invisible Man Show

    Talking & Performing Independent Music With The People Who Make It!


    Hosted by Mark David Stallard and Ryan Janz. Guests from around the world, live music, and lots of laughs.

    Welcome To The Madhouse

    The Invisible Song Club

    Discover world-class songs by the world’s greatest independent artists.
    Mark David Stallard and Angela R. Campbell present 2 great songs from around the world.


    Angela R. Campbell is the creator and host of "Oh Just Eat It! - Hungry for Canadian Indie Music" a video blog dedicated to Canadian Indie bands (ohjusteatit.ca).
  • Song Reviews

    Song reviews, behind the scenes, creative thoughts, and other crazy stuff from Mark David Stallard

    June 29, 2021 · Review