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The Beatles On The Invisible Man

Believe it or not, The Beatles are on the show!!

A few years ago, Ryan Interviewed The Beatles, and we also got them to play along with one of our songs on stage?

Don’t believe us? Then Check out the show on May 2 to see the proof!! You’ll be impressed.... probably...

And we couldn't resist but talk about the UFO videos recently confirmed by the Pentagon as authentic.

Hosted by Mark David Stallard, Ryan Janz, and Phil Dupuis from The Colorado Phil Show

Mark and Ryan host The Invisible Man Show which airs every Saturday at 2pm LIVE on Facebook, YouTube (The Invisible Man channel). Phil Dupuis of The Colorado Phil Show also co-hosts.

It's a show by musicians about musicians for everyone. If you love independent music and want to know more about the musicians themselves this is a must see. Every week we have special guests. (or

Phil’s online radio show:

Mark and Ryan also host a show called 2 Guys Fixing The World. A show where two working guys discuss politics and current events, showing how politics affects every part of our lives. When working people ignore politics, they ignore their own well being.

It is available as podcast, on your favourite podcast platform. And it airs LIVE during the week on facebook and YouTube. (or

It's All In The Mind is a Winnipeg band comprising of Mark David Stallard (vocals and guitar) and Ryan Janz (bass). Performing mostly original material, while Mark is the main songwriter, Ryan contributes to many.

An intoxicating cocktail of pop, folk, and jazz!!!

The Invisible Man:

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