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    What and Who Is ThIe Invisible Man?

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    Independent Music is Key!

    The Invisible Man is a show dedicated to independent music. Every Saturday sees guests from around the world, everything from solo artists, bands, and anyone else involved with independent music.


    In August 2018 Mark David Stallard and Ryan Janz, members of the Winnipeg band It’s All In The Mind, decided to do a YouTube show about their music. Initially the show aired monthly, was recorded, and dealt with their own experiences in the Winnipeg Music scene. One show dealt with the hilarious comedy of errors of their CD release show.


    However, as the year drew to a close, Mark and Ryan thought it would add some energy to the show to do the show live. And then very soon after that, they decided to invite guests from the Winnipeg music scene.

    As 2019 started, the show moved to twice a month schedule and were quite the success, despite regular technical difficulties. To this day, technical difficulties are a mainstay in all the live shows. To be honest it wouldn’t be a The Invisible Man Show without them.


    Early in 2019, Phil Dupuis contacted Mark asking if he’d like to submit some of It’s All In The Mind’s music to his show, “The Colorado Phil Show”. Mark was thrilled and quickly became a fan of Phil’s show. It was very soon after this, that Mark and Ryan thought it would be a great idea to have Phil on the show as a guest. And so, on March 26, 2019 Colorado Phil became The Invisible Man’s first guest who was not a producer of music, rather a promoter of music.


    Mark, Ryan, and Phil hit it off right away. And without any deliberation needed, Mark and Ryan invited Phil to join the show as a permanent host. And with just as much deliberation, Phil agreed. With Phil’s connection to the international music scene, The Invisible Man’s guest base grew to include guests from all around Canada, United States, and UK.


    After a hiatus of a few months starting at Christmas 2019 ending in March 2020, the show started airing every Saturday--just a few weeks before the start of the COVID pandemic lockdown.

    As of the middle of 2020 The Invisible Man is booking guests months in advance. Included in this guest list is Vanilla Base, a band from Madrid, Spain. The show became truly international.



    Mark David Stallard

    He uses his middle name even though he doesn't have to.

    Mark David Stallard is the lead singer and main songwriter for It’s All In The Mind. Mark also performs as a solo artist as well as being an accomplished harpist (blues harmonica). Mark has been writing songs since the early 1980s, when he performed in pubs and clubs along the south coast of England. Mark’s songs have been licensed to Shaw Television Ltd.

    Ryan Janz

    His middle name is also David. But he doesn't use it even though he should.

    Ryan Janz is bassman for It’s All In The Mind. Ryan can boast being bassman extraordinaire who writes melodic bass lines that saunter, rather than walk. But Ryan is more than just an inventive bassist. He is also co-writer on many of It's All In The Mind's songs, including their first single "I'm Alive." Ryan has worked with many Winnipeg artists and bands, both on stage and in the studio.

    Phil Dupuis a.k.a Colorado Phil

    His middle name is not David but sometimes we pretend it is.

    Phil Dupuis is the host, writer, producer of The Colorado Phil Show, broadcasting from his home studio in Thornton, Colorado. The Colorado Phil show airs week days on Virtuosity Worldwide Radio (www.VWRadio.co)


    Phil has been promoting independent music for his whole broadcasting career.